Shinobu (or "Shinobu-bot" with the added tag on Discord) is the main chatbot of Cutepost Central and the longest-standing and most prominent one. Shinobu is frequently used by the inhabitants both for cataloguing memorable moments, adding info or content to a conversation, or simply for the sake of memes.


Shinobu has a very large amount of functionality, all of which can be seen in the documentation. Here are some key features that the users of Cutepost Central frequently use:

  • Trivia games
  • Music playing simultaneously for multiple users
  • Looking up images and videos based on a search query
  • The ability to store "quotes" - messages and images - with certain keywords
  • Hangman
  • A currency system used primarily for dick-measuring contests
  • Gambling said currency system away with lousy odds
  • Picking out a random user to be your gf

Creation and Progress

On the 25th of April 2016, Shinobu was first created, from the NadekoBot code, by Mikli, feeling that the chat needed some more tools, particularly looking for audit logs. The addition of the bot was at first treated with suspicion from users, but the concept quickly took on as people learned of its many features, creating massive meme potential.

In the beginning, Shinobu was run from Mikli's laptop, as it could stay on day and night. As this became impossible, Chazzlemanazzle, the dude himself, agreed to take on the task of Keeper of the Bot, a title he has upheld with great honor and holds to this day, although Mikli retains the same rights as a bot-owner.

Troubles and Adversaries

When Mikli was unable to run the bot, and before Chazzle had taken on the task, Shinobu was down for around 2 weeks during the peak of the summer 2016. At this point most users had gotten used to having her around, and her services were deeply missed.

In the darkest times of Cutepost Central, during this downtime, another bot known as Tidbot was used by a small renegade group of users. When Shinobu made her grand return, she swifly and immediately murdered Tidbot and displayed his corpse before the rebels, so that their spirits were broken and Shinobu could once again take her place as the main bot of Cutepost Central.

When Shinobu's software, NadekoBot, upgraded to v.1.0.0, the storing of quotes was completely overhauled, meaning that updating her would remove all quotes from her database. After Chazzle and Mikli kept Shinobu in an equilibrium for several weeks, hovering somewhere between life and death, Mikli eventually manually replaced all 1200 quotes to their new format in the new database, ending the problem and acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome.