Matigo was a user in Cutepost Central brought in by regular user SuperDerpy through his room. While initially accepted as a user worth keeping around just to laugh at, eventually his rampant autistic messaging became too much for the daily users, and he was kicked out. To this day his legacy is not known.
"I seriously wanna like get one of my hoes in here and make them cry. But then again, I don't, cuz they give me sex and some good pics."
- Garrett 'Matigo' Deetz


In the short time Matigo was a user there, the family of Cutepost Central was able to learn much about his personal interests, as he often spoke about them for way longer than anyone cared to listen. From his messages, it can be concluded that Matigo had an interest in the following:

  • Being an annoyance
  • Hard drugs
  • Taking cringy selfies
  • Telling everyone how hard he was when users jokingly told him they were minors
  • Bitches
  • Overusing emoticons
  • Overusing abbreviations
  • Canadian and American politics

Political Affiliations

Although not much is known about Matigo's involvement in North American elections, it is known that Matigo had some interest in certain political topics. From frequently saying that "weeds not that bad." (sic), it can be gathered that Matigo was a supporter of a more lenient law on drugs. When it comes to candidates in either election, Matigo stated that in the Canadian election, everyone who ran he "honestly hates" and furthermore that the then President of the United states Barack Obama can "go suck a genital" (sic). Furthermore, Matigo has stated that "building a wall wont help shit", and that he hates Scott Doe. During the 2016 American Presidential Election, Matigo wanted Paul Ryan to run for President.

Mpkh417e copy

Matigo on shit. "I got denied from every branch of the military, so I hate this country. I wanna leave."

Other opinions

In his brief time on Cutepost Central, Matigo also shared his infinite wisdom through the following statements:

  • Wisconsin is shit
  • Taco Johns is better than Taco Bell
  • Some people are so fucking retarded
  • In regards to crack, he smokes it a few times and he snorts that shit
  • Its smoke and give no fucks