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(/kyo͞ot/ Greek:χαριτωμένος) cutest girl



Lily has the power of cutes. When activated (always) shes is very cute all of the time. Blinding cute sometimes, but with great powers comes great danger.


The power of retard is one not many can gain, let alone master. This grants the user the ability to be a moronic brain dead spastic at will. People acquainted with the wielders of this power gain a defence buff to it and over time it affects them less and less, until they too, become tard.


Doesnt nojot have this paower.


:v :q


Owner and Chairman of both S.S.F.C (Secret Snuggles Football Club)and The Secret Dog Snugs.



The young renegade named Mikli is a close relative.


The worlds longest relationship, basically Adam and Eve if they did not eat the fruit. The bad fruit, do not eat that fruit Kiko or we will die and cry forever.


A cute. Cute wikwi. Happy. Love.


Pug on a Log.


God I hate dusk, I hate dusk so much. Shut up Dusk. I know you're looking at this, probably doing something stupid like having an ace up your sleeve and saying "huh" over and over to sound like your favourite anime character. Yeah, you think that's cool don't you? I know you do you fucking retard don't answer my question. I'm going to kill you, I'm going to goddamn kill you so hard you wont even get to go to hell. Mother fucker.

Watermelon Saga

alright so this one time

i was in greece

in rhodes

for my sisters wedding right

and one night we went to the this restaurant

and it was ok i mean it was greece what do you expect

and this gugy

this dude comes in the place and he comes up and hes like

"hey try this watermelon, from my hometown"

and i try a bit and its ok and hes like really hairy and like

"here for you friend have whole watermelon" and just gives me this watermelon

and im fucking i have this watermelon and i take it back to the hotel and put it on the side

and i left it there

its probably still there