“Get Boomed on.” -Boom the Hedgehog, Circa 1914

Boom the Hedgehog is an omnipotent deity that takes the form of a green hedgehog. He is well known for his perfect win record in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Origin and Early Life

Some say Boom the Hedgehog was sprung from the loins of Satan, dark lord of Hell, birthed by one of his succubus whores. Others say he was discharged from several colliding galaxies, causing a rip in space-time and thus unleashing the anomaly known as Boom.

In reality, the world may never know where/how/why Boom has originated. The Scientific Community hypothesizes that Boom has no origin, and simply always was.

What is known is that Boom first contacted a young child known as "JB" in the summer of 1995. Young JB's obsession with Boom has festered into a demented hysteria, sapping his health both mentally and physically. His condition baffles medical doctors everyday. Since then he has contracted terminal autism and is expected to die within 3 weeks. He unremittingly documents his mental decline in over 7,000 hours of raw, unedited vlogs on YouTube as well as journaling his struggle on DeviantArt.

Boom seconds before vanquishing a foe




Hatred for all Living things

Boom the Hedgehog possesses an extreme hatred for all things living. His power over 

The Decline Arc


Boom destroying the world

Boom's Single Weakness

I lied. He's utterly invincible.

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